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Kids For Christ Ministry

Kids For Christ Ministry

Kids For Christ ministry meets every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday during Sunday Morning Worship as announced. This ministry is for kids ages 4-10. Please call the church for more information.


Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry is a group focused on giving men a space to learn and grow in faith together through studying God's word, workshops, seminars, and retreats.

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Women's Ministry

The women's ministry Sisters Abiding in Love and Truth (SALT) is made up of women who care about the needs of the world. It seeks to empower and support ELCC women in achieving spiritual and personal goals.
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Couples' Ministry

The Couples Ministry is for all couples, whether Engaged, Married or desiring to be married in the near future. We discuss topics that include Finances, Intimacy, Love and Family as it pertains to God's word.

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